What’s up guys and welcome back to… …huhh…what’s going on someone? ***Not another trick video….!?!*** Oh, you guessed it. ***SIGH*** Coming right back at you with another trick video. Alright so if you put teflon on threads daily you’ve encountered this problem at least once. A cool remedy that is so is though is to first wrap your teflon around the thin round object like a pencil or whatnot, then proceed to wrapping it around your threads, making it much easier to complete the task. Alright so you made a hole in the wall using the holesaw and it’s too small, here’s an ingenious way to upsize it. Because your “center bit” has nothing to drill into anymore, grab your hole saw and fit it into your bigger one, it’ll stick out just enough to get your hole started and it’ll save you a pretty bad headache to.

Joining two pipes at a 45 degree angle could be frustrating! Here’s a neat trick that’ll get that offset completed in no time. Measure from center the center of both pipes multiply that measurement by and subtract both of your fittings to get your final measurement. Go ahead Einstein, who said you couldn’t do it!? If for whatever reason you’re trying to put a fitting on a copper pipe and it ain’t going in, its most probably because it’s out of shape. A quick fix for this is to whip out your adjustable wrench, set it to pipe size, and rotate it to bring it back to perfectly round shape. Try your fitting on now it should go on. If ever you glued a fitting on wrong or you simply need to remove it, give this a try! Cut the pipe flush with the fitting, make two incisions on the hub portion, and pry it off with a chisel or flat head screwdriver. No more going to the hardware store for nothing! That was the last trick, and as always guys if you like these videos, LIKE em’, SHARE em’ and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE.

I’ll see you guys in the next video!.